Espresso bar at a distance of one push of the button ..  
17 millions – it is the amount of the freight containers all over the world, which for a long time have been intriguing the designers who search for the innovative and re-usable finished structure. Even if their operation can be financially quite unprofitable, its riffled, rusty exterior with its "container chic" is undeniably a witty design solution.
One of the leading container models seekers is the eccentric American conceptual artist and architect - Kalkins Adams and his bureau Architecture and Hygiene.
His most famous structure is BUNNY LANE – the two-story house, built in the finished hangar, but he is also known for his "push button" houses.
There are the transformable containers, which are being hydraulically opened with the help of one push button and in such a manner can be turned into comfortable houses. The impression is rather surreal, it resembles a bit the episode from Luis Bunuel’s film.
After showing at the American most prestigious art exhibition - Art Basel Miami Beach, one of Adam Kalkin’s "push button" houses was delivered to the other side of the ocean - to Italy, in order to be exhibited in the grand art exhibition Venice Biennale. There it was transformed into ILLY PUSH BUTTON CAFE - mini espresso bar.
Partially, being the conceptual work of art, partially as the marketing project, Illy "push button" bar at the same time also provides all necessary functional requirements – standard 6-meter long container is equipped with the 3 espresso machines. Venice Biennale exhibition guests were offered the excellent Illy Italian espresso, which they could enjoy in the lounge area of the bar.
All the materials, from which this bar is manufactured, including the container itself, are recyclable.
During the night time or when this bar is not used, it can, with the help of one push button, be put together in the form of the container, leaving outside only the Illy advertising sign.
Like many other Adam Kalkin’s projects, Illy Espresso bar is at the same time serious and frivolous, in a creative way including all the necessary things, which can be found in any surrounding building, making it as an effective alternative.