New category of performance recliner expected to set new standard in furniture industry.

Highly regarded Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi Group has announced the debut in Germany of RE-VIVE, the world’s first performance recliner, at the IMM Cologne on January 13rd. After the great success obtained in USA at the lnternational High Point furniture market fair, RE-VIVE will be available for purchase throughout the Imm Cologne. 

Natuzzi has collaborated with award winning, innovative furniture design company, Formway, to deliver the next step in ergonomic technology for the home. Pasquale Natuzzi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Natuzzi Group says “The RE-VIVE recliner combines New Zealand innovation with Italian style and craftsmanship to bring a completely new offering to the home furniture market. This is truly a new movement in comfort in a recliner market that hasn’t changed in more than 50 years.”

“Research shows us that, even when resting, the human body is constantly in movement,” said Kent Parker, head designer of Formway. “This is the crux of our design. RE-VIVE moves with the body as it makes the countless adjustments needed to truly relax or to move from one activity to another. It does this without the levers and buttons inherent in the design of other recliners, while providing a superior level of comfort.”

He continues: we looked to nature for examples of strength, flexibility and multi-dimensional movement—like the tail of a lobster, the branch of a tree and the human spine. With that in mind, we designed the recliner to be able to distribute the weight of the body so it can balance in a neutral position.”

The recliner boasts several unique features, such as Natuzzi’s Responsive Recline (a weight compensating mechanism that allows reclining with perfect balance), dynamic arms, full 360-degree range of movement in the base, and a tilting ottoman.

RE-VIVE is available in two sizes, king and queen, three styles and many color options. Premium leather is accented by delicate hand stitching, and each recliner is individually fitted to order. More information about Natuzzi and RE-VIVE can be found at