Design: Meinhard von Gerkan, gmp, 2008
Construction firm: Vincents Architects
Gross floor area: 13,518m²


Three different building structures are planned for the site situated parallel to the Citadele office building. Building A with a tapered, expressive corner, Building B as a rectangular building structure with protruding staircases, which assimilate the front facades of the buildings A+C, and building C, the building structure with the most depth, which incorporates the alignment of the site boundaries on both sides.

The building structures integrated into the cross-wall construction have been fitted with differently designed balcony zones facing towards the east and the west, with ceiling-high glass facades that provide a high level of transparency.

Offset, ceiling high windows and door elements in natural wood animate the glass fronts and add a warm material element to the visual language of the facades, which are otherwise dominated by white and grey tones.

The apartments in buildings A-B-C are divided up into different types of apartment from one-bedroom apartments with ca 98 sqm to four-bedroom apartments with ca 313 sqm and five bedroom apartments with ca 231 sqm. which are located on one level respectively and mostly have large balconies. The stepped-storey apartments have appropriately spacious roof terraces.

All the apartments can be accessed via staircases located outside or inside with elevators that also connect to the basements containing an underground garage, warehouse, storerooms, and waste disposal rooms.

More detailed presentation of this project (in Russian).