Inspired by the iconic color ‘Stockholmsvit’, established in Sweden during the 1950’s, the 2014 limited edition bed is a tribute to our Swedish heritage. Exclusively available 1 September - 31 December 2014.

When we began the creation of this year’s limited edition bed, we searched for a fabric that would correspond to the present day, while at the same time enhance our Swedish heritage. We found it, in the unique Stockholm White fabric.

The color ‘Stockholmsvit’ is a genuine Swedish tone, established during the 1950’s when Scandinavian design began to emerge. Influenced by modernism and functionality, the color was first used by craftsmen painting joinery in castles. Today it is used in modern environments – fitting into any home, just like a Hästens bed. The Stockholm White limited edition bed brings classic Scandinavian design right into the heart of your home. Handcrafted from the best natural materials, developed through generations, this bed will provide the ultimate sleeping environment, bringing you better sleep and a higher quality of life. With a unique appearance, both in feel and color, this beautiful bed is a subtle twist on an original classic, only available autumn/ winter season 2014.

Hästens Stockholm White available from 7 490 € (Luxuria 180x200 cm, BJX top mattress)